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  1. Publication

    Workplace Cooperation: An introductory guide

    25 October 2022

    Workplace cooperation can take various forms, such as information sharing, direct or indirect consultation, and financial participation.

  2. ILO Working paper 78

    Labour market policies for inclusiveness: A literature review with a gap analysis

    07 September 2022

    This paper reviews the role of specific fiscal spending and transfer programmes in shaping labour market dynamics by disentangling different macroeconomic and microeconomic mechanisms.

Promotional materials

  1. Publication

    A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right at work

    08 July 2022

    At its 110th Session in June 2022, the International Labour Conference recognized “a safe and healthy working environment” as a fundamental principle and right at work and designated the Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981 (No. 155) and the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187) as fundamental Conventions.

  2. ILO in action

    Madagascar trains task force on occupational safety and health

    26 April 2022

    With the support of the ILO Vision Zero Fund (VZF), the government of Madagascar has trained hundreds of its labour inspectors on occupational safety and health. Project officer, Bernard Foe Andegue explains.