Social Protection and HIV: Guide on Research Methodology for Undertaking Research at Country Level

The social protection and HIV research referred to in this document aims broadly to support building a country level knowledge base on the access and effects of social protection policies and programs on HIV affected workers in the formal and informal economy.

This document –a research guide - is divided into four main sections. The Introduction situates the research in its global context and describes the audience, purpose and uses of the document. Part One presents the rationale and context of the research. Part Two describes some of the key aspects of a research plan, including: planning the research, preparing the research protocol, designing and conducting the research and reporting on findings. Part Three includes core and illustrative research tools and sample data collection instruments. References can be found before the Appendices. The Appendices include the ILO HIV/AIDS Terms of References for this country-based research on social protection and HIV, the UNAIDS list of high impact countries, and a list of selected resources.