Consultation workshop on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: Key issues and conclusions - Geneva, 16-17 October 2000 – Meeting Report 1

This report is a summary of proceedings and also a useful guide to the development of policies and programmes in the World of Work. Examples are given of existing workplace action, and of the activities of governments, employers, workers, and their organizations; analysis is made of the ILO’s potential role in the global response to AIDS; and recommendations are outlined for the ILO and its national and international partners.

The purpose of the workshop was to establish both policy priorities for the
Programme and guidelines for its implementation. Focus was therefore on defining the comparative advantage of the ILO in the response to HIV/AIDS, and its role in relation to other agencies and organizations. To this end, it brought together the expertise of panellists representing the social partners and key agencies, and the country knowledge and workplace perspectives of ILO field and headquarters staff.