Workshop for employers’ organizations in East and Southern Africa on a time-bound action plan to combat HIV/AIDS - Mombasa, Kenya, 26-27 November 2001 – Meeting Report 2

The report of the Mombasa workshop presents an overview of the range of activities undertaken by employers in the sub-region, and serves as a useful guide to the development of policies and programmes in the world of work. The action plan, in particular, is a practical example of the steps which need to be taken in order to develop and implement workplace-based action to combat HIV/AIDS.

The Workshop was hosted and organized by the Kenya Federation of Employers
(FKE), in collaboration with the ILO and with support from the International Organization
of Employers (IOE). Its purpose was threefold:
- first, to complement the workshop held for employers’ organizations in West and
Central Africa in November 2000, with the intention of raising awareness about the
implications of HIV/AIDS for enterprises, and mobilizing commitment to action;
- second, to introduce the ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work as a guide to policy development and programming for employers and their workplace
- third, to draft an action plan for employers’ organizations to ensure that the process of implementing policies and programmes to combat HIV/AIDS is clearly mapped out.