Global Academy on the Green Economy

New 4th edition of the virtual Global Academy on the Green Economy “Towards a green, fair and sustainable recovery from COVID-19” was successfully conducted by the ILO and ITC-ILO under the PAGE from 10-21 May 2021.

PAGE Academy video summary

Returning with a packed agenda, the 2021 PAGE Global Green Academy was held from 10-21 May, engaging 78 speakers across 11 plenary sessions and 8 technical sessions — presented in three languages — for 120 participants from 29 countries. The Academy was capped by a Knowledge Fair, where PAGE countries were able to share experiences and best practices in virtual booths, offering an opportunity for peer learning and exchange. The interactive Academy serves as an intensive tool for experts and leaders to deep dive into key topics on green economy. The 2021 edition focused heavily on all areas related to green recovery — aiming to enhance real-time and real-world experience and knowledge sharing for policymakers to gain essential insight and support in their respective recovery agendas. To extend the impact of the Academy’s shared exchange component, a follow-up survey is in progress to support future exchanges.

Focusing on best practices and solutions, the Academy opened with a plenary session on “Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis: Understanding stimulus packages, countercyclical measures, how they come about and how they are funded” and was followed by technical sessions covering topics such as transformative change in renewable energy, the future of green construction, linking green recovery with climate objectives, and fostering a just transition. The final plenary session — “Working together on a green recovery: International partnerships, coalitions, networks and collaboration” — engaged speakers from the ILO, UNITAR, Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, and the PAGE Secretariat.

“In today’s times of stress and strife, there are two areas that really stand out, that we need to pay attention to — one is the social deficit and the other is the environment. We cannot look at one without the other.”

- Vic Van Vuuren, Chair of PAGE Management Board and Director of Enterprises Department, International Labour Organization (ILO)

 The full report is available here.