The future of work

  1. The Future of Work Centenary Initiative

    The world of work is undergoing a major process of change. In order to understand and to respond effectively to these new challenges the International Labour Organization has launched a "Future of Work initiative" in order to be able to advance its mandate for social justice.

Future of Work Issue Briefs

  1. The establishment of the Global Commission on the Future of Work in August 2017 marked the start of the second phase of ILO’s Future of Work Centenary initiative. The six thematic clusters which are listed in each issue brief focus on the main issues that need to be considered if the future of work is to be one that provides security, equality and prosperity. A series of Issue Briefs are prepared under each of the clusters.

News and events

  1. Global Commission on the Future of Work

    ILO Global Commission tackles the changes needed for a fair future of work for everyone

    20 February 2018

  2. Green Initiative

    Successful 1st Global Forum on Just Transition

    15 February 2018

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    Future of Work Focus Newsletter

    What can the past tell us about the future of work?

    13 February 2018

Future of Work Issue Note Series

  1. Issue Note 6

    Cooperation in a changing world of work

  2. Issue Note 5


  3. Issue Note 4

    Social contract and the future of work

  4. Issue Note 3

    Challenges for employment relationships

  5. Issue Note 2

    The future of labour supply

  6. Issue Note 1

    Making technology work for all

ILO's Network on Future of Work

  1. Working Paper

    Decent Work and the Digital Gig Economy

    Richard Heeks, Manchester Centre for Development Informatics

    This paper presents a review of current evidence and ideas relating to the digital gig economy, aiming at systematically reviewing both impacts and recommendations for the digital gig economy in order to create a union list of standards.

  2. Paper

    Non-standard forms of employment: Recent trends and future prospects


    Focusing on the growth of non-standard employment, this paper finds that, apart from part-time work, there has not been an increase in non-standard employment during the last decade.