Videos on forced labour

July 2015

  1. "Reality" of modern slavery needs to be understood

    06 July 2015

    People around the world need to be made aware that 21 million globally are victims of modern day slavery, says Brazilian actor Wagner Moura. He spoke to UN Radio in support of the ILO's "50 for Freedom" campaign, which aims to secure the ratification by 50 countries of the Forced Labour Protocol.

June 2015

  1. Video: International Labour Conference closes with Future of Work Initiative

    13 June 2015

    Addressing delegates at the 104th International Labour Conference, he also outlined an agenda that includes a proposed international labour standard on the transition from the informal to formal economy. (Closed Captions available)

  2. Listen: Day 11 - ILO Director-General Guy Ryder hails ‘triumph of tripartism’ at closing of 104th International Labour Conference

    13 June 2015

    Ryder praises ILC delegates for adoption of instrument on transition to formality, admission of new member state Cooks Islands and consensus-driven decisions

  3. Listen: Day 10 - Nobel laureate urges freedom from child labour and slavery

    12 June 2015

    Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi called for an end to child labour and unveiled the ’50 for Freedom’ campaign at the 104th International Labour Conference in Geneva.

  4. Video: Kailash Satyarthi unveils the 50 For Freedom Panel

    12 June 2015

    Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi unveils the 50 for Freedom signature panel in support of the global campaign to end forced labour.

  5. Video: Kailash Satyarthi calls on ILO constituents to help make child labour history

    11 June 2015

    Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi calls for immediate action on climate change and a child-friendly approach to disaster management, at a special sitting of the International Labour Conference. (Closed captions available)

  6. Listen: Day 9 - “Action on climate change is action for growth, justice and labor rights” says French President Francois Hollande

    11 June 2015

    Heads of state and Nobel laureate Kailash call for action on climate change at World of Work Summit hosted by the 104th International Labour Conference in Geneva.

  7. Listen: Day 6 - 50 for Freedom gears up to end forced labour

    08 June 2015

    The panel symbolizing support for the 50 for Freedom campaign to end modern slavery continues to fill up with signatures and committees are getting closer to drafting final conclusions on world of work issues.

  8. Listen: Day 5 - Niger signs protocol to stop modern slavery plus an ILC side event on migration

    05 June 2015

    Niger becomes first to sign up to an end to modern slavery and a high-level side event on migration calls for international community to provide regular and safe migration to meet migrants’ rights and labour market needs

  9. Listen: "There is no easy fix” to the migration crisis

    05 June 2015

    ILO Deputy-Director Sandra Polaski at ILC Migration side event: “We must focus on systems of governance that provide regular and safe migration to meet migrants’ rights and labour market needs.