Publications on forced labour

January 2006

  1. Globalization and the illicit market for human trafficking: an empirical analysis of supply and demand

    12 January 2006

    This working paper studies the determinants of trafficking for forced sexual exploitation, at a cross-country econometric analysis.

  2. Legal aspects of trafficking for forced labour purposes in Europe

    04 January 2006

    With numerous case examples of law and judicial practice from Europe, and some other countries, Rohit Malpani painstakingly reviews the present gaps in identification and prosecution of trafficking for forced labour cases, as well as deficiencies in approaches to prevention and to compensation for the abuses suffered by the victims of trafficking.

  3. Review of legislation and policies in Nigeria on Human Trafficking and Forced Labour

    01 January 2006

    An essential part of the Action Programme against Trafficking and Forced Labour in West Africa (PATWA) is to advocate for a legislative and policy framework in Nigeria and Ghana that enables the government and other national stakeholders to effectively combat trafficking in men, women and children for purposes of labour or sexual exploitation.

  4. Training materials for a Global Alliance against Forced Labour

    01 January 2006

    These training materials have been designed to provide training tools on the subject of forced labour. They constitute a tool box from which selections can be made to suit the training need.

  5. Trafficking for forced labour – how to monitor the recruitment of migrant workers

    01 January 2006

    This training manual aims to raise awareness amongst labour inspectors, police, government officials, employers’ organizations, trade unions, and others, on the issues of trafficking, forced labour and job placement systems. More specifically, it focuses on the recruitment of migrant workers into highly exploitative situations that could amount to forced labour.

November 2005

  1. Forced labour in the Russian Federation today: irregular migration and trafficking in human beings

    01 November 2005

    Throughout the world, more and more attention is given to the problem of trafficking in human beings. The trade in human beings and the use of slave labour are serious and burning issues which are relevant for Russia at present.

  2. Trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation in Germany

    01 November 2005

    Germany is an important destination contry for migrant workers from all over the world. Many of them work on the basis of mutually beneficial agreements made with their employers, but many are forced into submission by deception, threats, abuse, fraud and coercion.

April 2005

  1. ILO Minimum Estimate of Forced Labour in the World

    01 April 2005

    The present technical document provides a detailed account of the methodology used in the estimate of forced labour in the world, published in the 2005 Global Report called "A Global Alliance against Forced Labour".

March 2005

  1. “Combating Trafficking in Human Beings through the practice of domestic courts”, All for fair trials

    12 March 2005

    This report looks at measures taken to protect trafficked people in ten different countries: Belgium, Colombia, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.

  2. A global alliance against forced labour - Global Report on Forced Labour 2005

    01 March 2005

    Global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This report is the most comprehensive account of contemporary forced labour to date. It provides the first global and regional estimates by an international organization of forced labour in the world today.