Publications on forced labour

February 2011

  1. SAP-FL Newsletter: Issue 2 - 2011

    15 February 2011

    Newsletter prepared by the ILO Special Action Programme to combat forced labour. Second issue 2011

January 2011

  1. Evaluation of the Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour (SAP-FL) 2006-09

    10 January 2011

    Executive summary of the independent evaluation carried out in 2010

July 2010

  1. Capacity Building for Migration Management in China Update - January – June 2010

    16 July 2010

    Newsletter of the ‘Capacity Building for Migration Management in China’ Project, which is co-implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) in close partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China.

  2. SAP-FL Newsletter: Issue 1 - 2010

    10 July 2010

    Newsletter prepared by the ILO Special Action Programme to combat forced labour. First issue 2010

December 2009

  1. Trade unions and indigenous communities combating forced labour in the Peruvian Amazon region

    15 December 2009

    Case study prepared by Sanna Saarto, ILO’s Programme to Combat Forced Labour, Peru, for the guide to ILO Convention No. 169 “Indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights in practice”, Geneva, ILO, 2009.

  2. Labour migration and the emergence of private employment agencies in Tajikistan: A review of current law and practice

    01 December 2009

    Joint publication of the International Labour Organization and the International Organisation for Migration. This study is the first in-depth analysis of the normative framework regulating PrEAs in Tajikistan. It also describes practical experiences of the industry including various abusive practices that require the attention of law makers.

October 2009

  1. Lists of indicators of trafficking in human beings

    28 October 2009

    List of the indicators of trafficking validated through the Delphi methodology at the European Union level

  2. Preventing Forced Labour Exploitation and Promoting Good Labour Practices in the Russian Construction Industry

    20 October 2009

    Joint report: International Labour Organization and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The report should be seen as an initial attempt to analyse labour conditions in Russia’s construction sector and to discuss the feasibility of using the elements of corporate responsibility as tools to address some of the deficiencies, especially related to labour rights and the exploitation of migrant workers.

  3. The Slave Next Door – Human trafficking and slavery in America today

    05 October 2009

    This book exposes the disturbing phenomenon of human trafficking and slavery that exists now in the United States.

  4. Overview report of the Research Project by the ILO and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the constitutional and legislative protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.

    02 October 2009

    The project examined the extent to which the legal framework of 24 selected African countries impacts on and protects the rights of indigenous peoples. The project aimed to contribute to the development of a suitable policy and legal framework for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and build the capacity and raise the awareness of relevant actors amongst indigenous peoples and government institutions.