Projects: forced labour

  1. Promoting the Elimination of Bonded Labour in Pakistan (PEBLIP)

    1 March 2007 - 1 April 2010

    The present project is an expansion and continuation of on-going technical cooperation under taken by ILO in Pakistan since 2001.

  2. Development of a comprehensive anti-trafficking response in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

    18 December 2006 - 31 December 2009

    The project seeks to contribute to the progressive reduction of trafficking in human beings in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia through capacity building and empowerment of actual and potential victims.

  3. Building a Global Alliance against Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

    1 December 2006 - 31 August 2010

    Provides core support to the Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour

  4. Core support for SAP-FL - Netherlands

    20 November 2006 - 31 August 2010

    Provides core support to the Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour

  5. Elimination of human trafficking from Moldova and Ukraine through labour market based measures

    11 November 2006 - 11 February 2009

    The project offers a long-term perspective against trafficking in human beings in Moldova and Ukraine by addressing gaps in the current implementation of National Action Plans against Human Trafficking.

  6. Combating Forced Labour and Trafficking of Indonesian Migrant Workers

    1 September 2006 - 31 August 2008

    This project aims to protect migrant domestic workers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong

  7. Economic and social empowerment of returned victims of trafficking in Thailand and the Philippines

    1 May 2006 - 30 April 2009

    In Southeast Asia, Thailand and the Philippines are among the countries facing serious problems of trafficking in persons. In both countries, many of the women migrating have been recruited not knowing the living and working conditions they would need to endure nor the extent of debt that they would have to bear. Deception is the most common method used to lure victims, using false promises related to the nature of work, the income and working conditions.

  8. Combating forced labour and discrimination in Africa

    1 March 2006 - 30 September 2008

    Niger, one of the world’s most poverty-stricken nations, is one of a few African countries to have recognised a forced labour problem linked in large part to discrimination against people of slave descent.

  9. Forced labour, discrimination and poverty reduction among indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay

    1 March 2006 - 30 September 2008

    Recent ILO research indicates that forced labour affects at least 1.3 million people in Latin America. In-depth field research in the rural areas of Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru, has confirmed earlier perceptions that indigenous people are particularly vulnerable to a form of forced labour called debt bondage.

  10. Combating trafficking in persons in Brazil

    1 October 2005 - 1 September 2008

    Joint Project IPEC SAP-FL