Publications on Equality and discrimination

June 2009

  1. Publication

    Electronic Newsletter PRO169 - June 2009

    10 June 2009

    Welcome to the PRO 169 electronic newsletter. This is the first issue of PRO 169's electronic newsletter, which replaces the earlier printed newsletter. The aspiration is to reach a larger number of readers faster!

  2. Meeting document

    PR No. 5 - Follow-up activities by the Office under the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: Freedom of association and collective bargaining; forced or compulsory labour; discrimination

    01 June 2009

May 2009

  1. Meeting document

    Report I(B) - Report of the Director-General: The cost of coercion

    12 May 2009

  2. Meeting document

    Examining Constitutional, Legislative And Administrative Provisions Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples In Africa- Research Findings Workshop: Workshop Report; May 10-11, Banjul, The Gambia

    11 May 2009

  3. Publication

    Indigenous & Tribal People's Rights in Practice - A Guide to ILO Convention No. 169

    10 May 2009

    This publication is a result of collaborative efforts of a wide group of ILO staff, indigenous organizations, experts and researchers on the main aspects of indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights. It hopes to provide governments, indigenous and tribal peoples and workers’ and employers’ organizations with a practical tool for the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights, based on the experiences, good practices and lessons learned that have been generated so far.

April 2009

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    Providing safe and healthy workplaces for both women and men

    23 April 2009

    Brochure for the April theme of the 2008-2009 Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work Campaign

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    Women at work, past and present: Like night and day

    01 April 2009

    As the ILO marks its 90th anniversary, a year-long campaign on gender equality at the heart of decent work culminates with a discussion at the International Labour Conference. The ILO has always been in the forefront of promoting gender equality at work, and women’s rights, and this year’s campaign and discussion will be a milestone in the Organization’s efforts to shine new light on the status of women in the world of work.

  3. Publication

    Gender equality at the heart of decent work

    01 April 2009

    Over the past year the ILO’s Bureau for Gender Equality has held a major awareness-raising campaign: Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work. In the following pages World of Work looks at themes of the campaign so far and interviews Jane Hodges, Director of the Bureau for Gender Equality.

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    Magazine World of Work 65, April 2009: ILO Gender Equality Campaign 2008–09; Maternity protection; Education; Social dialogue; Work/family balance...

    01 April 2009

February 2009

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    8th European Regional Meeting - Facts on quality of working life

    09 February 2009

    Wages, working time and work organization, maternity protection and the work-life balance are some of the many interlinked dimensions of the quality of working life and of decent work.