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    International Day of Cooperatives - Cooperating in times of crisis

    03 July 2008

    This year, the growing role of cooperatives in confronting global crises of climate change and food price rises is garnering growing attention. Cooperatives can play an increasingly important role in balancing economic, social and environmental concerns as well as in contributing to poverty reduction and prevention. ILO Online interview with Hagen Henry, Head of the ILO’s Cooperative Programme.

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    Green Jobs Programme: staff and focal points

    03 June 2008

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    ILO launches new grant scheme to promote cooperatives in Africa - Calls for proposals

    16 May 2008

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) today announced the launch of a new grant scheme through the Cooperative Facility for Africa programme.

  4. Meeting document

    Global Challenges for Sustainable Development: Strategies for Green Jobs - ILO Background Note for G8

    09 May 2008

    ILO Background Note for G8 Labour and Employment Ministers Conference Niigata, Japan, 11 to 13 May 2008

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    My life, my work, my safe work - Managing risk in the work environment

    28 April 2008

    Despite the positive efforts to reduce accidents and ill health, injuries and diseases are still all too common in the world of work today. This publication describes some basic steps for managing risks in the workplace.

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    World of Work 62, April 2008 - Better business: Multinationals and Decent Work; Contracts in the cleaning industry; Child labour...

    15 April 2008

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    The Multinational Enterprises Declaration

    01 April 2008

    The story of the ILO’s Multinational Enterprises Declaration goes back more than three decades from before 1977, when it was formally adopted, to the end of the 1960s when the activities of multinationals were first beginning to attract serious attention – and, from some quarters, serious criticism.

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    Multinationals and socially responsible labour practices: Better business - Looking back, looking forward

    01 April 2008

    A major international forum in Geneva has marked the 30th anniversary of one of the first initiatives by the international community to put the social dimension into globalization. Andrew Bibby reports on a key tool to encourage multinational businesses to adopt socially responsible labour practices.

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    A view on international labour standards, labour law and MSEs

    20 March 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 18

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    Social Finance Working Paper #52: Formalisation through microfinance

    03 March 2008

    An empirical study in Egypt