Resources on social finance

  1. Publication

    Annual Report 2022

    31 May 2023

    The Annual Report 2022 highlights the achievements of the Social Finance Programme over the past year. The report covers developments in Social Finance's three streams of work: financial inclusion, impact insurance and sustainable investing.

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    ILO Monitor on the World of Work

    Mutually reinforcing crises have worsened the global employment divide

    31 May 2023

    International cooperation aimed at bolstering jobs and social protection can help tackle growing disparities between high and low-income countries.

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    ILO Monitor on the World of Work

    ILO to release new report on the impact of mutually reinforcing crises on the world of work

    25 May 2023

  4. Social finance

    Digital Wages for Decent Work in the Philippines: Fact sheet

    22 May 2023

    The project fact sheet provides an overview of about the ILO's Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work initiative in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the responsible transition from cash to digital wage payments.

  5. Publication

    Social Finance Brief: RUFI's journey in serving refugees and host communities in South Sudan and Uganda

    12 May 2023

    In this brief, focussing on “Making Finance Work for Refugees”, Social Finance documents the experience of the Rural Finance Initiative (RUFI) in South Sudan and Uganda. RUFI aims to provide financial services to rural entrepreneurs to improve their living standards. This Social Finance Brief covers RUFI's operations in the context of displacement from South Sudan to Uganda.

  6. Sustainable Finance Working Group

    Social Impact Investing - Quality Jobs Investment Strategies to achieve a cross-SDG impact

    09 May 2023

    This input paper, prepared by the ILO for the Sustainable Finance Working Group under the Indian presidency, emphasizes the benefits of social impact investing that supports decent work and quality jobs creation for achieving a multi-dimensional impact on the SDGs. Quality Jobs Investment Strategies, presented in the input paper, were developed by the Global Impact Investing Network in collaboration with the ILO and a group of impact investors. These strategies are an example of impact investing approaches that can be successfully replicated by a broader group of financial decision makers, elevating the financial sector’s contribution to the SDGs.

  7. Document

    Climate change and insurance

    08 May 2023

    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of this century and it disproportionately affects poor rural populations. Insurance for climate risks can strengthen the resilience of households and businesses and helps them protect their livelihoods.