Guidelines – Template ToRs

How to mainstream conflict-sensitivity, social cohesion and peacebuilding in COVID-19 socio-economic/labour market assessments

Instructional material | 20 April 2020
Containing and addressing the COVID-19 impact in conflict-affected and/or fragile contexts will require serious consideration of a host of complex multidimensional challenges present in these settings in order to ensure a "do no harm" approach, but also to contribute to be transformative, to promote social justice, social cohesion and peace.

These guidelines on conducting conflict–sensitive assessments will help policy and programme managers to:

o Assess immediate changes in employment and livelihoods caused by the crisis (formal and informal);

o Ensure focus on socio-economic needs of population groups and individuals who have been made particularly vulnerable by the crisis;

o Assess potential social exclusion, grievances, discrimination and stigmatization over access to resources, livelihoods and health services;

o Understand pathways to address those potential conflict drivers through ILO initiatives;

o Do No Harm: Ensuring COVID-19 responses are conflict-sensitive and do not have unintended consequences;

o Identify pathways to be reinforced and seize opportunities for the COVID-19 response to contribute to strengthening peace and social cohesion.