Resources on local contracting

  1. An introduction to targeted procurement

    01 January 2000

  2. Social Safety Nets, Public Works and Employment in the Infrastructure and Construction Sectors, Vietnam

    07 December 1999

    VIE/98/039/08/11 Social Safety Net Study

  3. Guidelines for Transport Infrastructure Inventory, Preparation of Transport Network Analysis

    01 December 1999

    The Transport Infrastructure Inventory is a tool that allows the planner to obtain in a reasonable short time an overview of the extent and condition of the road and waterway network in a certain area. The tool is part of an area based planning process for rural infrastructure called Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP).

  4. Technical Audit for Labour-based/Equipment Supported Infrastructure Projects in the Philippines

    01 December 1999

    An Insight into the Technical Scope, Limitations and Problems Encountered in the Implementation of Labor-Based/ Equipment-Supported Method of Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure Projects of the Philippine Government

  5. Impact Assessment Report IRAP Laos

    01 September 1999

    UNDP/ESCAP/ILO pilot project

  6. Rural road planning: recommendations for improving the rural road network in Lao PDR

    01 November 1998

    Project LAO/95/001 Integrated rural accessibility planning

  7. Guidelines on integrated rural accessibility planning “The Lao Experience”

    01 October 1998

    Project LAO/95/001 Integrated rural accessibility planning

  8. ASIST Bulletin No. 7

    01 July 1998

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Theme of this issue: Community participation in labour-based works and in rural transport planning

  9. Productivity norms for labour-based construction

    01 May 1998

  10. Access and income generating activities

    01 May 1998

    Project LAO/95/001 Integrated rural accessibility planning