Cross cutting areas

What’s new

  1. Publication

    HAMETIN - ERA Agro-Forestry Project newsletter Oct 2021

    30 November 2021

    To share news and information on ERA-AF project activities which are funded by the European Union (EU) and being implemented by the ILO as a component of the Partnership Support for Agro-Forestry (PSAF) Ai ba Futuru.

  2. ILO News

    ILO Pasifika Update November 2021

    14 November 2021

    In this edition of the ILO Pacific Newsletter, you will find updates on events and other news highlights of ILO’s work in the Pacific from September to November 2021.

  3. Publication

    Guidance for operation and maintenance (O&M) of irrigation systems

    21 October 2021

    Maximizing local resources and community participation, Nepal and the Phillippines

  4. Video

    ILO, Japan join hands with indigenous peoples for decent work and safe water

    19 October 2021

    Indigenous peoples consider the new water system as a blessing. Built under the ILO Japan Water and Sanitation Project, the water system provides access to safe and clean water, and promotes peace and decent work in Renti, Upi, Maguindanao.

What are Crosscutting areas?

Crosscutting areas are the ILO’s core values that cut across all EIIP thematic areas, and strengthen the unique approach that it has developed over the past half century. These include:

  • Gender equality
  • Reaching vulnerable groups
  • Working conditions
  • Environmental and climate change considerations
  • Social dialogue

These core values are universal across all the EIIP projects under any circumstance.