Publications on Employment intensive investment

  1. Publication

    A global programme : investing in employment for poverty reduction and local economic growth 2003-2007

    01 February 2003

    A programme document of the Employment-Intensive Investment Branch

  2. Publication

    Jobs or machines: a comparative analysis of rural road work in Cambodia

    01 January 2003

    Compares potential benefits and drawbacks of labour-based methods and equipment-based methods for constructing rural gravel roads.

  3. Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 14

    The economic value of incremental employment in the South African construction sector

    01 January 2003

    A report commissioned by the International Labour Organisation for the support of the Efficient Application of Labour-based methods in the construction sector

  4. Instructional material

    Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) Modular Training Package

    01 January 2003

  5. Publication

    Improving access in rural areas

    01 January 2003

  6. A source book

    Implementing labour standards in construction

    01 January 2003

  7. Publication

    Building local government capacity for rural infrastructure works

    01 January 2003

  8. Publication

    Small-Scale Contracting for Infrastructure Works in Vietnam

    01 November 2002

  9. Publication

    ASIST Bulletin No. 14

    01 September 2002

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The theme of this issue is 'Mainstreaming employment-intensive investment strategies in infrastructure development'

  10. Publication

    Infrastructure development and the informal sector in the Philippines

    01 June 2002

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 12