Investissements à haute intensité de main-d'œuvre (HIMO)

Around the world millions of people lack infrastructure (roads, bridges, water supply, etc.) to access basic services (water, health, education). Improving infrastructure and maintaining them can improve living standards and have a direct impact in the quality of people’s lives. Productive community infrastructures can also contribute to reducing (rural and urban) poverty and have the potential for offering better economic and social benefits.

Employment-intensive investments link infrastructure development with employment creation, poverty reduction and local economic and social development. In using local labour and resources they create much needed employment and income, reduce costs, save foreign currency, and support local industry while increasing the capacity of local institutions.

The combination of local participation in planning with the utilization of locally available skills, appropriate technology, materials and work methods has proven to be an effective and economically viable approach to infrastructure works and jobs creation in many countries.


  1. Avis de recrutement

    Huit postes à pourvour au sein du projet « Création d’emplois et accompagnement à la réinsertion en complétant les dispositifs de l’Etat » en Tunisie

    3 Septembre 2012

    Les candidats seront recrutés localement (contrat local), doivent être de nationalité tunisienne et résidents en Tunisie.