Tools and Services on Enterprise Development


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    Journal article (WD): Feminization, Defeminization, and Structural Change in Manufacturing; 2014

    08 August 2017

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    Journal article (CJE): Structural drivers of productivity and employment growth; 2014

    08 August 2017

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    Course: (Turin) Learning Forum on Innovations in Public Investment and Employment Programmes

    08 August 2017

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    Course: (Delhi and Kabul) One Year Training Programme for Afghanistan (2017)

    08 August 2017

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    Interagency Social Protection Assessment (iSPA) tool

    08 August 2017

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    08 August 2017

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    Course: (Turin) Macroeconomic policies, jobs and inclusive growth (annual)

    08 August 2017

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    Course: (Turin) Employment Policy Course (annual)

    08 August 2017

  9. Employment Policy Brief

    New automation technologies and job creation and destruction dynamics

    12 May 2017

    This policy brief addresses the following question: is the labour-replacing potential of the technological revolution so far-reaching that it is inherently different from what has been experienced in the past, and on balance is an inhibitor rather than a generator of decent work?

  10. Publication

    Zambia’s Employment Outlook: Diversification, Formalization and Education

    26 April 2017

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 212