Policy Outcome 1: More and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth prospects

Policy | 07 June 2017
  • Improved comprehensive employment policies and institutional frameworks that are in line with the Conference conclusions concerning the second recurrent discussion on employment, adequately funded, grounded in tripartite engagement, supported through relevant interministerial and tripartite mechanisms and based on evidence obtained from improved labour market information systems and statistics that can also be used to measure progress towards the SDGs;
  • More effective policies and programmes to facilitate the transition of youth into decent work based on evidence of approaches that work, including evaluation and impact assessments, and innovative public–private partnerships;
  • More responsive skills development systems, adapted to labour market changes and technological developments in order to reduce job and skill mismatches that hinder enterprise development and employability and to enhance access to the labour market through training;
  • Concrete steps taken by governments in consultation with the social partners with regard to: (a) pro-employment macroeconomic policies; or (b) sectoral, industrial, trade, infrastructure investment or environmental strategies that generate more and better jobs while promoting structural transformation and enterprise development;
  • Improved working conditions, including with regard to wages, working time, contractual arrangements and employment protection and enhanced inclusiveness of labour relations and collective bargaining; and
  • More effective and inclusive employment services and active labour market policies, including outreach to disadvantaged groups and workers in the informal economy, as well as greater coherence, coordination and regulation of the public and private provision of services.
1 More and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth prospects

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