ILO and Sungkonghoe University sign MOU on coops and SSE collaboration

The ILO mission sought to share its work on cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy in Korea and explored opportunities to further strengthen collaboration with Korean universities.

News | 25 July 2023
On July 3, Ms Rie Vejs-Kjeldgaard, Director of ILO ENTERPRISES signed an MoU with Mr Keyong-Moon Kim, President of Sungkonghoe University (SKHU) for collaborating on cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE) in Seoul, Korea. The signing was held during her mission to Korea from June 29 to July 5 for opening the ILO’s international conference on statistics of cooperatives, held in Busan on June 30th, and conducting meetings with Korean partners including government institutions.

SKHU has a graduate school of SSE and is recognized as one of the leading universities in Korea in the cooperative and SSE area. SKHU is also well-known to the intenational SSE field, and in that regard, it co-organized the 9th CIRIEC international research conference on social economy, was held in Seoul from July 4 to 6 this year.

By signing this MoU, ILO and SKHU agreed on the areas of cooperation such as 1) promoting research and knowledge sharing on issues related to the SSE, decent work, and sustainable development (Research and Knowledge Sharing), 2) developing and delivering joint academic programmes, courses and training activities, with a focus on capacity building in the areas of SSE (Academic Programmes and Training), 3) organizing joint events, seminars, workshops, and conferences on labour related issues to share experiences and best practices (Joint Events and Conferences), 4) facilitating the exchange of experts, scholars, and researchers to enhance cooperation and knowledge exchange between the ILO and Sungkonghoe University (Exchange of Experts and Researchers), and 5) supporting the development of policies and programmes related to the promotion of SSE, decent work, and sustainable development at the national and international levels (Policy and Programme Development).

This MoU between ILO and SKHU is expected to advance partnerships around the implementation of the ILO’s seven year office-wide strategy and action plan (SAP) on decent work and the social and solidarity economy 2023-29 approved by the 346th session of the Governing Body in November 2022. ILO COOP/SSE, led by Ms Simel Esim, will in the coming months follow up with SKHU to operationalize this MoU through joint planning, coordination and implementation of activities, in line with respective mandates, priorities and resources.