Resources on Care Economy

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    Care economy

    A company-based childcare service improves workers’ loyalty and productivity

    09 November 2023

    The ILO, together with its social partners, conducts a visit to Tunas Cinta childcare service in Mojokerto District in East Java to learn about challenges and opportunities in providing a greater access to childcare for Indonesian workers nationwide.

  2. Publication

    Care Work in China: Who does care work, what is its economic value and how has it been affected by Covid-19?

    09 November 2023

    UN Women and ILO worked together to produce this report to better understand care work and the economy of care in China, where policy recommendations are put forward to strengthen the societal reorganization of care to help shape a more equal and inclusive society.

  3. International Day of Care and Support

    ILO Director-General statement for International Day of Care and Support

    29 October 2023

    On the first International Day of Care and Support, the International Labour Organization calls for heavy investments in the care economy.


    Why measuring unpaid domestic and care work matters

    27 October 2023

    Every day, more than 16 billion hours are devoted to unpaid domestic and care work around the world. As global populations age, these figures are set to rise, and quantifying unpaid domestic and care work is critical to understanding labour under-utilisation, employment trends, and gender-based inequalities.

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    Childcare policy

    Closing childcare policy gaps offers high return on investment

    26 October 2023

    There is a compelling social investment and gender equality case for transforming childcare policies so that they universally and effectively cover children from birth until the start of mandatory primary education, new ILO research has found.

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    Should we treat the care economy as an investment or a cost?

    26 October 2023

    Demand for care already outstrips supply and is expected to increase significantly in the future. Now, new ILO research suggests that spending on care – particularly childcare – could bring a return on investment of more than 3-to-1.

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    International Conference of Labour Statisticians

    Data: A common language for the world of work

    16 October 2023

    Without accurate data, labour market decisions cannot be taken says Rafael Diez de Medina, Chief Statistician and Director of the ILO Department of Statistics.

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    Care economy

    Quality, affordable childcare services are key to gender equality in labour market

    10 October 2023

    The ILO continues to support the development of Indonesia’s Road Map and Action Plan on Care Economy by organizing the fourth stakeholder meeting with a focus on childcare services.

  9. Meeting document

    Room document 7: Measurement of unpaid domestic and care work

    22 September 2023

    Room document for 21st ICLS

  10. Meeting document

    Room document 8: Statistical definitions of care work

    22 September 2023

    Room document for 21st ICLS