Resources on Care Economy

  1. Video

    Gilbert F. Houngbo, ILO Director General’s video message delivered at Women Deliver preconference 2023

    11 September 2023

    Large-scale investment in care policies could be transformative. We must teach ourselves to see care as an investment, said the ILO DG in a pre-conference on the care economy ´Strengthening Care Policies and Intersectional Movements for Care Justice´ organized at Women Deliver 2023 on 16 July 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda.

  2. News

    The ILO holds meeting on care provision through cooperatives with global and country level updates

    01 September 2023

    On Wednesday, August 23rd, The ILO’s Cooperative Unit (COOP) and the Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) Branch came together with 27 ILO colleagues from headquarters and the field to discuss progress on the initiative Cooperative Care Provision as a Gender-Transformative Decent Work Solution, initially launched in March 2023.

  3. World Breastfeeding Week 2023

    Employers need to do more to support breastfeeding women in the workplace –UNICEF, ILO

    01 August 2023

    UNICEF and the ILO urge employers in the Philippines to do more to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace, which is good for mothers, babies and businesses.

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    Gender equality and women workers

    Childcare shortfalls having major impact on gender equality in labour markets across Asia and the Pacific

    01 August 2023

    New report highlights impacts of shortfalls in childcare provision in the region, makes recommendations for change at all levels.

  5. Gender equality and women workers

    Investments in childcare for gender equality in Asia and the Pacific

    01 August 2023

    The report highlights why and how investing in childcare impacts positively on gender equality and decent work in Asia and the Pacific.

  6. Publication

    Public investment in care services in Argentina. Coverage of deficits, employment generation, fiscal efforts and economic impacts

    17 July 2023

    Based on the methodology developed by ILO-UN Women (2021), this study provides the results of an exercise to estimate the deficits in meeting the demand for care in the country (coverage and quality, including staff working conditions) for each of the sub-sectors (education, health and long-term care), as well as the investments needed to reverse this, and the economic and employment implications of expanding and strengthening care policies in a comprehensive manner in a future scenario up to 2030.

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    Is domestic work care work?

    16 June 2023

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic many countries are re-evaluating the status, pay and conditions of their care workers. So, why are domestic workers, whose work often includes care, often being left out of this process?

  8. Publication

    Cooperative Care Provision as a Gender-Transformative Decent Work Solution

    19 May 2023

    The ILO’s Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Branch (GEDI) and Cooperatives Unit (COOP) are working together on building an innovative cross-regional, multi-country programme on Cooperative Care Provision as a Gender transformative Decent Work Solution. The programme aims to enhance care provision through cooperatives and other social and solidarity entities starting with a series of pilot initiatives. The full programme is expected to help strengthen and scale up national support networks to better serve their members by building capacities for improved delivery of services, and advocating for their needs, concerns, and priorities.

  9. News

    Indonesia to develop a road map on care economy

    18 April 2023

    The ILO supports the collaborative efforts taken by the Government of Indonesia and its developmental partners to develop a road map on care economy to generate new jobs, promote equality and improve the country’s economic growth.

  10. Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF

    ILO Director-General statement to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC)

    14 April 2023