Tools: Developing a training plan

Sample rotation plan, Asian countries1

This tool provides a template for a rotation plan for apprenticeships (refer to annex 11 of the tool). The rotation plan specifies the time period that an apprentice will spend in each of the relevant units of the enterprise, thereby ensuring that the apprentice gains experience in all trade-relevant tasks in the company.

The tool also provides an example from The Philippines on how to support companies in the development of rotation plans (see box 14 in the source publication).

Source: GIZ (2017) Down to earth: A practitioner’s guideline to work with business and industry in TVET:

Scheduling apprentices’ training time between different venues, Germany

The resource consists of a block plan that indicates how training is scheduled between different learning venues (i.e. when the apprentices are in the TVET school and when they are at the workplace). This example from the construction industry in Hamburg includes the inter-company training centre in this sector, in addition to the learning locations of the employer and TVET provider.

Source: (in German).

An enterprise training plan, Germany

This tool provides an example of a training plan for an apprenticeship for a “roller shutter and sun protection mechatronics technician”.

This in-company training plan guides the trainer and apprentice through the apprenticeship by outlining the parts of the apprenticeship, the competencies and knowledge that the apprentice needs to acquire, and company-specific elements that define the training and work content necessary to meet the needs and requirements of the company. Time indicators point out how much time should be spent on specific parts of the apprenticeship, including, for instance, work preparation and quality assurance measures, learning about the components and tasks involved in the occupation, and occupational safety and health aspects. A column reserved for completion notes allows the apprentice’s progress to be monitored.

Source: (in German).

A TVET provider training plan template, Australia

The tool provides a template for preparing a training plan for apprentices in Australia. The training plan is developed and maintained by the registered training organization (RTO) in conjunction with the apprentice/trainee and enterprise, and is a live document that is intended to reflect the current status of the apprentice’s training.

This training plan fulfils the following purposes:

  • describes the responsibilities of the apprentice, enterprise and RTO
  • describes what training is to be undertaken and outlines who will provide the training
  • specifies how, when and where training will be delivered
  • details how the assessments will be carried out and when the apprentice/trainee is deemed competent
  • identifies any additional support required for the apprentice to successfully undertake and complete the training.

The source publication was developed by the Community of Practice “Private Sector Cooperation in TVET” within the GIZ Sector Network Assets for Asia. The Community of Practice comprises GIZ staff (international experts, national personnel, integrated experts and development advisers) from the following Asian countries: India, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.