By completing the following checklist, readers of this Toolkit can revisit the key elements involved in developing apprenticeship programmes and also carry out a rapid assessment of the functioning of related systems. It will assist readers to identify the elements that could be improved and to assess whether additional measures are needed.

Developing quality apprenticeship programmes Yes No Needs improvement Remarks
Are there specific measures in place for engaging workers’ and employers’ organizations in apprenticeships?        
Is there a social dialogue mechanism or institutional framework in which workers’ and employers’ organizations and government institutions work in partnership on apprenticeship delivery?        
Do the recommendations from social dialogue inform the further development of apprenticeship programmes?        
Does social dialogue create opportunities to improve the reputation of apprenticeships?        
Is there a mechanism in place for assessing current and future skills needs in the relevant sectors?        
Are employers actively involved in skills needs assessments?        
Are the results of skills needs assessments used to develop or improve occupational profiles?        
Do the results of skills needs assessments inform career guidance activities?        
Do occupational profiles correspond with the actual requirements of the relevant occupations?        
Does the apprenticeship curriculum allow enough flexibility for TVET teachers to adapt it to various learning situations?        
Does the apprenticeship curriculum allow enough flexibility for employers to adapt content to employers’ specific training needs?        

The questions to which readers have answered “No” or “Needs improvement” point to gaps where measures to improve or strengthen the development of apprenticeship programmes in their contexts should be considered. It is important to keep in mind that the involvement of social partners, including workers’ and employers’ organizations, in the design, development and implementation of apprenticeships is a key factor for the success and sustainability of apprenticeship programmes.