Convention No. 184 and Convention No. 185

Iraq ratifies agriculture and seafarers Conventions

News | 27 May 2021
On 21 May 2021, His Excellency Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashim Mostafa, Permanent Representative of Iraq presented the instruments of ratification for the Safety and Health in Agriculture Convention, 2001 (No. 184) and the Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003, as amended (No. 185) to the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder.

The ILO Director-General Guy Ryder welcomed the ratifications, stating “With these ratifications, Iraq has re-affirmed its commitment to decent work and the ILO’s standards system, during this time of crisis.”  Upon receipt of the instrument of ratification of Convention No. 184, he stated “I am pleased to welcome Iraq’s formal commitment to improving occupational safety and health in the agricultural sector, in consultation with the social partners. Agriculture is one of the most hazardous economic sectors in the world. By ratifying Convention No. 184, the Government of Iraq confirms its determination to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in this sector in a continuous and sustainable manner. This is the 10th occupational safety and health Convention ratified by Iraq - I welcome this significant step towards building and strengthening a preventative safety and health culture.” Turning to Convention No. 185, Mr Ryder indicated “It is with great pleasure that I welcome Iraq among the States parties to Convention No. 185. This ratification strengthens Iraq’s commitment to ensuring decent working and living conditions for seafarers by facilitating their rights to shore leave, transit and transfer. The vital importance of these elements for seafarers’ general well-being has clearly been exposed during the crisis currently faced by the maritime sector as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On depositing the instruments of ratification, Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashim Mostafa stated: “These two Conventions, ratified by the Council of Representative of the Republic of Iraq, will play a crucial role in promoting the Iraqi labour market in both the agricultural and maritime sectors. As of today, the Republic of Iraq has ratified 70 Conventions, including the eight fundamental Conventions. We will continue our endeavours to ratify and implement ILO standards, as we aim to address gaps in the labour market and to defend workers’ interests, as a major pillar of the Iraqi economy. ”

Conventions Nos 185 and 184 will enter into force for Iraq, respectively, on 21 November 2021 and 21 May 2022.