Labour Standards

Tunisia ratifies three international labour Conventions, including the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144)

News | 11 February 2014
Today, the Government of Tunisia deposited with the International Labour Office the instruments of ratification of three international labour Conventions , namely the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), the Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention, 1978 (No. 151), and the Collective Bargaining Convention, 1981 (No. 154).

When depositing the instrument of ratification, Mr Abderrazak Kilani, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the United Nations Office at Geneva and specialized institutions in Switzerland, declared: "Today my country emerges strengthened by the adoption of its new Constitution, which entered into force just yesterday, following an inclusive process crowned by a broad consensus. The new Constitution provides an enabling environment for social dialogue. I am particularly pleased to deposit the instruments of ratification by my country of these three ILO Conventions which aim at the promotion of tripartism and social dialogue at national level and seek to encourage and promote collective bargaining. By adopting such a legal arsenal, both at national and international levels, Tunisia confirms its determination to achieve its ambition to become a democratic country, respectful of the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of all its citizens and eager to transform economic growth into inclusive social progress."

Welcoming the ratification of these three important Conventions by Tunisia, the ILO Director-General, Mr Guy Ryder, stated: “I would like to congratulate the Government for the very important message it has sent today ratifying these three important ILO Conventions which follows up on my visit to Tunisia just one year ago when the social contract was signed between the Government of Tunisia, the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) and the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT). Such action also reflects an important response, four years after the events of the ‘Arab Spring’. These ratifications herald a promising era for the development of tripartism and social dialogue in the country.”

The ratification by Tunisia of these three international labour Conventions brings the total number of ILO Conventions ratified by Tunisia to 61 Conventions and one Protocol. With the ratification of Convention No. 144 by Tunisia, the three Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) are now bound by this governance Convention.