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Ms Marva Corley-Coulibaly
Programme Manager

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  1. Explained: The ILO Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub

Integrating Trade and Decent Work

  • NEW Reports

    These two publications on Integrating Trade and Decent Work provide crucial insights into aligning trade and labour policies for promoting decent work and equitable growth. The first volume offers a detailed framework for analysing trade's impact on labour markets, while the second volume explores labour issues in trade and investment frameworks.

  • Seminar

    The high-level seminar will present key findings from the SUPPORT project, focusing on aligning trade policies with labour market institutions for sustainable development. The event features a high-level panel, including ILO, UNCTAD, and WTO representatives, to discuss innovative strategies and best practices in the trade-labor nexus.

  • Report

    An important question related to labour provisions in trade agreements is how these mechanisms – which are detailed in the trade agreements – work in practice, particularly in the context of a labour dispute.

Programme Background

INTEGRATE comprises three interdependent, but separate areas:
  • Assessing the distributional effects of trade on the labour market using decent work indicators (under the ASSESS project);
  • Supporting sustainable development through the alignment of trade policies and domestic labour market institutions so as to reduce inequalities, and gaps in social protection and poverty (under the SUPPORT project);
  • Implementing activities to bridge capacity gaps and support policymakers and the social partners in engaging more effectively in dialogue on trade and labour market policies (under the IMPLEMENT project (forthcoming)).