Events and courses

May 2022

  1. Side event at the STI Forum

    Transforming education for a human-centred approach to STI and SDGs

    The ILO Research Department collaborates with the UN interagency task team on STI for the SDGs (IATT) on a research project on a Human-centred approach to harness science, technology and innovations (STI) for progress in SDGs.

April 2022

  1. Research Seminar

    Skills and employment transitions in Brazil

  2. Research Seminar

    How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate

    China has become deeply integrated into the world economy. Yet, gradual marketization has facilitated the country’s rise without leading to its wholesale assimilation to global neoliberalism. This book uncovers the fierce contest about economic reforms that shaped China’s path.

March 2022

  1. Research Seminar

    Between utopia and action - New perspectives on Albert Thomas, first director of the ILO

    Adeline Blaszkiewicz presents key finding of her PhD thesis on Albert Thomas, first director of the International Labour Office from 1920 to 1932.

  2. Webinar

    Joint ILO-WTO Webinar on Gender, trade and labour market outcomes in Covid times

    The Webinar will bring together academics, experts from international organisations, including from the WTO and ILO to discuss gender, trade and labour market outcomes with a specific emphasis on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected employment, wages and other decent work indicators and on how trade can help make the recovery more inclusive.

February 2022

  1. Seminar

    Friday is the New Saturday: the economic case for the four-day working week

    Friday is the New Saturday makes a compelling, provocative and timely case for societal change.

  2. Brown Bag Lunch

    Effects of a transition for environmental sustainability on labour and trade: literature review

    The working paper reviews the extant theoretical and empirical literature on the environment, labour, and trade.

  3. Training Course

    Trade and Decent Work for Africa

    The aim of this course is to better understand the trade and labour market nexus and its implications for the Africa region in terms of decent work and sustainable development.

January 2022

  1. Research Seminar

    Labour Rationing: A New Approach to Measuring Labour Market Slack

    This paper measures excess labor supply in equilibrium. Hiring shocks are induced—which employ 24 percent of the labor force in external month-long jobs—in Indian local labor markets.

  2. Launch Event

    Launch: ILO Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub

    Launch of the Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub (LP Hub) - a one-stop shop for information on labour provisions in more than 100 regional trade agreements in over 140 economies.