Events and courses

May 2023

  1. Research Seminar

    The Blue Commons: How Privatising the Sea expands the Precariat by Guy Standing

    The Blue Commons peels back the veil of the boundless exploitation and inherent criminality in the ocean economy.

April 2023

  1. Research Seminar

    Digitalization during the Covid-19 Crisis: Implications for Productivity and Labor Markets in Advanced Economies

    Discussion note: The pandemic accelerated digitalization and triggered a partial catch-up by less digitalized entities in advanced economies

  2. Research Seminar

    The Good Jobs Challenge in Developing Countries by Kunal Sen

    Prof. Sen will outline the challenges that developing countries are facing in creating good jobs, and to discuss key policy options that could create productive employment for unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

  3. ILO Research Department Training

    South Asia regional training on evidence-based policymaking for building with a human-centred approach

    The COVID-19 pandemic and its short- and long-term implications has turned the world of work upside down.

March 2023

  1. ILO Knowledge Conversations

    The future of worker-manager relations: Does cooperation lead to better outcomes and just rewards?

    This Knowledge Conversation will focus on the role of managers/leaders in engendering worker-management cooperation.

  2. Research Seminar

    The Impact of Automation on job transitions and future skills needs

    This talk will examine the opportunities and challenges that workers who are at risk of job displacement resulting from automation could face in transitioning into the jobs that are expected to be created by the structural changes caused by automation.

  3. Research Seminar

    An ecosystem approach to skilling: Insights from 85 innovative programs

    Opportunities for continuous up- and reskilling should be accessible to all workers in order to maintain the competitiveness of the workforce. However, our current systems for skill building are not ready to tackle this challenge: government, academia and employers chronically underinvest in adult learning, and do not (yet) collaborate efficiently to provide at scale, end-to-end skilling solutions. In our research at the BCG Henderson Institute, we studied early examples of "skilling ecosystems”, innovative programs that involve multiple stakeholders to deliver up/reskilling solutions to address a specific skill gap. In this session we will discuss the different types of such ecosystems, key success factors and selected best practices based on our database of 85 examples around the world.

February 2023

  1. ILO Research Department Training

    Latin America regional training on evidence-based policy making for decent work

    It is widely recognized that evidence (data, research, best practices) is essential for decision and policy making. In practice, the use of evidence in the policy-making touching the world of work is still at its early stages and unevenly practiced.

January 2023

  1. Research Seminar

    Gatekeeping the labour market: How Recruiters use AI to find and assess talent

    Advances in artificial intelligence, such as the advent of machine learning and the growth of big data, enable AI to be utilized to recruit, screen, and predict the success of applicants. This seminar will cover recent research on how employers can feel empowered to use AI responsibly so they can build a diverse, qualified workforce at scale.

December 2022

  1. RRG Autumn 2022

    Research Review Group Meeting

    The multidisciplinary Research Review Group provides a supplementary quality-enhancing function to the research department and reviews/advises its agenda and priorities.