Research Seminar

Global value chain and labour rights: problems and new regulatory perspectives

Exploring the intricate dynamics between global value chains and labour rights

Summary: The seminar aimed to discuss existing international frameworks, while also considering policy reforms, legal frameworks, and voluntary initiatives that could enhance labour rights within global value chains. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the seminar would foster interdisciplinary dialogue to generate a comprehensive understanding of labour rights issues within global value chains and develop forward-thinking regulatory solutions.

Presenter: Prof. Vania Brino, Department of Economics, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Vania Brino is Professor of Labor Law at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, where she holds the teachings of Labor and Trade Union Law, Welfare Law, International Labor Law and Labor Law in Transnational Firm. Coordinator of the Master in Labor and Welfare Law and Scientific Coordinator of the Master in Global economics and Social Affairs activated at Ca' Foscari. Author of numerous essays and contributions published in journals and volumes in Italian and English.

Chair: Marva Corley-Coulibaly
Marva Corley-Coulibaly is the Chief of the Globalization, Competitiveness and Labour Standards unit. Her current research focuses on trade, global supply chains and labour standards, enterprises and service economy.