ILO Magazine: Special 2014 issue

World of Work: Migrant workers are not a commodity

This year’s Special 2014 issue of the World of Work magazine reflects the themes of the ILO’s International Labour Conference (ILC).

Recent tragedies involving migrant workers made ILO Director-General Guy Ryder choose migration as a subject for his Conference report. World of Work discusses what concrete measures could close the serious gaps in global migration governance. A World of Work team travelled to Albania to look at how that country is tackling the issue.

More features look at the other issues discussed at the ILC: Building a future with decent work after a major disaster, strengthening the fight against forced labour, promoting employment strategies that work, moving workers from the informal to the formal economy and ending child labour through the ILO’s Red Card Campaign.

Last but not least, you will find the latest ILO publications in this magazine.

The pressing issues discussed by our world parliament of labour in June highlight the ILO’s role in setting the global world of work agenda and finding possible solutions to the social and economic problems we face today.