Celebrating the Centenary of the International Labour Review

The International Labour Review (ILR) has its origin in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which created the ILO, and it was established in 1921 by decision of the ILO Governing Body. The year 2021 thus marked the ILR’s 100th anniversary.

To celebrate this anniversary, the ILR launched various intiatives to highlight its history and its contributions to advancing academic research and informing policy debate at the global level in all fields related to the world of work.

The ILO (...) will edit and publish in French and English, and in such other languages as the Governing Body may think desirable, a periodical paper dealing with problems of industry and employment of international interest."

– Part XIII of the Treaty of Peace of Versailles

Centenary launch

A virtual event was organized on 12 July 2021 to mark the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Review (ILR). This event showcased the history of the ILR and its contributions to academic research and policy debate on the world of work at the global level. It was also an occasion to present the various initiatives planned to celebrate this important anniversary.

ILR Centenary Collection

The online ILR Centenary Collection is composed of an article on the ILR’s history and various guest-edited Centenary Issues on recurrent themes that remain relevant to the journal's international and multidisciplinary readership today.

The ILR Centenary Issues feature a selection of the most significant contributions that the ILR has made, at different points in its history, to the global debate on the theme in question. Each issue opens with an introduction written by its guest editor(s), providing context and commentary on the selected articles.

Delving into the past – Looking to the future, by Tzehainesh TEKLÈ

Historical perspectives on the International Labour Review 1921–2021: A century of research on the world of work,
by Dorothea HOEHTKER

ILR Centenary Issues