Women, gender and work

Comprises a selection of 22 articles that have been published in the International Labour Review between 1996 and 2000.

“I chose the book because it was international in nature and I am teaching a class on Gender and Work. I did not want to focus just on the United States and this book, with a variety of readings fit the bill."
Dr. Elizabeth Jones, Chairperson and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, California University of Pennsylvania, USA 2004

"This important anthology of articles from International Labour Review brings together the thinking of leading philosophers, economists, sociologists, and lawyers to illuminate the complex issue of equality. Four parts address the concepts, statistics, policy, and law relating to all aspects of women and work. Taken together, the articles provide a thoughtful look at where we've been, where we are now, and where we want to go."
Library Journal, May 2001, USA

"The anthology reflects current international academic and policy-making trends and could serve as a useful resource for a variety of social science and women's studies courses."
CHOICE, June 2001, USA

Women, Gender and Work was chosen as a Notable Document of 2001 by the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) of the American Library Association (ALA).  A list of the winning titles was published on May 15, 2001, in Library Journal.

People are not defined solely by their work, nor is it possible to ignore the effects of factors outside the workplace on a person’s status at work. To seek equality at work without seeking equality in the larger society – and at home – is illusory. Thus an examination of the issues surrounding women, gender and work must be holistic. That means considering the role of productive work in life as a whole and the distribution of unpaid work as well as the myriad questions relating to employment.

This important anthology brings together the thinking of leading philosophers, economists and lawyers on this complex subject. Selected recent articles from the multidisciplinary International Labour Review are assembled for the first time to illuminate questions such as how we should define equality, what equal opportunity means and what statistics tell us about differences between men and women at work, how the family confronts globalization and what is the role of law in achieving equality. There is an examination of policy – to deal with sexual harassment and wage inequality, for example, as well as part-time work, the glass ceiling, social security, and much more. A major reference on the best of current research and analysis on gender roles and work.