Small-scale brickmaking (TM 6)

Technical memorandum on brick manufacturing at small scale industry level in developing countries - presents a comparison of bricks and other building materials used for the construction of low- cost housing; describes types of raw material, quarrying techniques, clay preparation, shaping, drying and firing; covers technical aspects and means of production; includes a glossary, and a directory of equipment suppliers and relevant information sources.

This technical memorandum , which forms part of a series being prepared jointly by the ILO and UNIDO, is the first of three on building materials for low-cost housing. The object of the series is to acquaint small-scale producers with alternative production techniques for specific products and processes, so as to help them to choose and apply those techniques which are most appropriate to local socio-economic conditions.

The memorandum provides detailed technical information on alternative brickmaking techniques and covers all processing stages, including quarrying, clay preparation, moulding, drying, firing and testing finished bricks. The techniques described are mostly of interest to small-scale producers in both rural and urban areas. The processes and equipment are described in great detail, with drawings of equipment and tools which may be produced locally, floor plans, information on labour and skill requirements, materials and fuel inputs per unit of output, and so on. A list of equipment suppliers in both developed and developing countries is also supplied to help the would-be brickmaker to import the equipment he needs. A chapter of interest to public planners compares, from a socio-economic viewpoint, the various brickmaking techniques described in the memorandum.

It is hoped that the information contained in this memorandum will help would-be or practising brickmakers to choose and apply brickmaking techniques that minimize production costs while improving the quality of the finished bricks.