Accident prevention. A workers’ education manual

Workers education teaching aid, safety training textbook on occupational safety and occupational accident prevention in the manufacturing industries - covers accident investigations, data collecting and interpretation; considers fire and explosion hazards, guarding of machine tools, protective clothing and equipment; outlines the role of ILO, (esp. PIACT, the ILO classification of accidents, ILO Conventions and ILO Recommendations), function of trade unions and safety committees, etc.

Workers are becoming more and more aware of the role that they, and the management, can play in reducing the number of occupational accidents. The 14 chapters in the manual are full of examples and practical advice and lend themselves both to group work and to individual study. They cover the basic principles of accident prevention, the causes and effects of accidents, and the reporting of accidents and keeping of records for statistical purposes. The role of the trade union is shown to be particularly important, for example in the setting up of safety committees and in training workers. This new edition of the manual has been revised to take full account of recent developments in accident prevention work.