Background information for developing an ILO policy framework for hazardous substances

Document for discussion at the Meeting of Experts to Examine Instruments, Knowledge, Advocacy, Technical Cooperation and International Collaboration as Tools with a view to Developing a Policy Framework for Hazardous Substances

The present document presents, in a summary format, current action, issues and instruments relating to the sound management of hazardous substances. It provides an overview of the key aspects related to the prevention of exposure to hazardous substances, emerging hazards, a summary of related ILO and international standards and instruments, ongoing national, regional and international action, the role and impact of social dialogue, and proposes possible elements for developing an ILO policy framework and plan of action on hazardous substances.

Its purpose is to provide a basis for discussions at the Meeting, as participants consider how, within the context of ILO standards and activities concerning OSH, the management of hazardous substances can be harmonized within the present international and regional frameworks for the sound management of chemicals.

The conclusions of this Meeting of Experts will assist the ILO in further focusing its action to fulfil its long-standing international and inter-agency commitments in this area.