ILO activities in Africa, 2000-2003. Report of the Director-General. Tenth African Regional Meeting Addis Ababa, December 2003.

Describes (1) some of the development frameworks adopted by the international community and the African region in response to the social and economic challenges facing the continent, and (2) how the ILO has responded to the emerging development challenges and priorities in Africa through the implementation of relevant activities within the framework of Decent Work Agenda.

This report presented to the Tenth African Regional Meeting is intended to serve as a basis for an analysis that may shape future ILO activities in Africa. As the report shows, the first four years of the new millennium did witness some improvements in the fortunes of Africa, although enormous challenges remain to be faced. During the period covered, modest social and economic progress was reflected, not only in terms of what was achieved, but also in the increased political will to make further progress, notwithstanding the challenges ahead.