Books and reports

April 1991

  1. Publication

    Environment, employment, new industrial societies: a bibliographic map (BIB 15) (Biligual: French, English)

    08 April 1991

  2. Publication

    Safety and health in the use of agrochemicals: A guide

    02 April 1991

March 1991

  1. Publication

    The hours we work: New work schedules in policy and practice (Conditions of work digest 2/90)

    11 March 1991

    Provides an overview of provisions of laws and collective agreements, and policy statements on a wide variety of topics, including flexibility in daily and weekly hours and part-time work. Contains detailed descriptions of over 30 case studies in diverse industries and services and a comprehensive analysis of manuals and guidelines on working time arrangements.

January 1991

  1. Publication

    Projects with people. The practice of participation in rural development

    11 January 1991

  2. Publication

    International standard classification of occupations - (ISCO-88). 1988 edition

    08 January 1991

December 1990

  1. Publication

    Urban labour market structure and job access in India: A study of Coimbatore (RS 92)

    03 December 1990

    This study develops and applies new approaches to the analysis of labour market structure and segmentation which stress differences in labour status and in patterns of job access in a small survey of a south Indian city, showing how they help to analyse labour market inequality, labour supply, mobility and poverty.

September 1990

  1. Publication

    Teachers and international labour standards. A handbook

    21 September 1990

    Offers a basic guide to international legal texts of relevance to the teaching profession, and is primarily intended for teachers and their organizations, policy-makers, planners and administrators in education, and private educational employers. Designed as a reference work to help in the formulation of policy and the implementation of standards.

July 1990

  1. Publication

    Small-scale brickmaking (TM 6)

    19 July 1990

    Technical memorandum on brick manufacturing at small scale industry level in developing countries - presents a comparison of bricks and other building materials used for the construction of low- cost housing; describes types of raw material, quarrying techniques, clay preparation, shaping, drying and firing; covers technical aspects and means of production; includes a glossary, and a directory of equipment suppliers and relevant information sources.

March 1990

  1. Publication

    Yearbook of labour statistics, retrospective edition, 1945-89 (Hardcopy)

    14 March 1990

November 1989

  1. Publication

    Flexibility and labour markets in Canada and the United States (RS 94)

    24 November 1989

    This collection of papers explores flexibility issues within the institutional framework of North American labour markets. It brings together views from academic, trade union, employers and government and contrasts the experiences in Canada and the United States, and in North America and Europe.