Books and reports

March 1994

  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series, No. 70

    Visual display units: Radiation protection guidance

    23 March 1994

    The purpose of this guide is to provide an analysis of the data from surveys and measurements of radiation emissions from visual display units (VDUs), relate this to existing data on scientific biological effects and reach a conclusion regarding the safety of VDUs with respect to radiation emissions. The book is intended for the use of the competent authorities, employers and workers and their organizations, occupational safety and health specialists and VDU operators.

  2. Publication

    Small firms, technical services and inter-firm cooperation (RS 99)

    22 March 1994

    This book looks into the ways small-scale industries have profited from management services, technical institutes and collaboration with other small firms in such fields as marketing, purchasing, research and development, technology transfer and training.

  3. Publication

    Times are changing. Working time in 14 industrialised countries

    16 March 1994

    This book provides information on the duration, structure, flexibility and reduction of working time in fourteen industrialized nations. Countries are treated separately. Covers the period up to 1980.

November 1993

  1. Publication

    Poverty, inequality, exclusion. New approaches to theory and practice (BIB 17) / Pauvretés, inégalités, exclusions. Renouveau des approches théoriques et des pratiques sociales (Bi-lingual E/F)

    24 November 1993

August 1993

  1. Publication

    Strategic management of development programmes (MDS 19)

    18 August 1993

    (Management Development Series 19) Guidelines on strategic project management of development projects - discusses development programme objectives, phases and obstacles, pre-conditions for successful performance, organisational structure, role of top management, popular participation in the decision making process, etc., guidelines on environmental analysis, strategy formulation and project evaluation.

  2. Publication

    The manager’s guide to international labour standards (MDS 23)

    11 August 1993

    Management Development Series, No. 23. Guide to ILO Conventions and ILO Recommendations - considers the role of ILO in labour standard setting and ILO's supervisory machinery; covers freedom of association, trade union rights, collective bargaining, workers participation, working conditions, wages, occupational safety, occupational health and personnel management.

  3. Publication

    Tree nurseries. An illustrated technical guide and training manual (SPWP 6)

    03 August 1993

June 1993

  1. Publication

    Safety in the use of mineral and synthetic fibres (OSH 64)

    10 June 1993

May 1993

  1. Publication

    Small firms and development in Latin America

    21 May 1993

    Encouraged by success stories about their ability to adapt to crisis, policymakers in Latin America and elsewhere herald small firms as the key to a new economic dynamism which could provide a breakthrough solution to mass unemployment. Does the actual performance of small firms match these expectations? This book discusses the impact of special policies, administrative decentralization and the role of support institutions in small firm development in Latin America.

March 1993

  1. Publication

    Preventing stress at work (Conditions of work digest 2/92)

    29 March 1993

    The Conditions of Work Digest on preventing stress at work is essential reading for policy-makers in government agencies, employers' and workers' organizations, health professionals, trainers, consultants, managers and workers' representatives concerned with this complex and challenging problem.