Books and reports

September 1998

  1. Publication

    Note on the proceedings. Oil refining. Report TMOR/1998/13

    07 September 1998

  2. Publication

    ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work and its follow-up

    02 September 1998

August 1998

  1. Publication

    Productivity management. A practical handbook

    25 August 1998

  2. Publication

    The sex sector

    06 August 1998

    Focuses on the commercial sex sector's connections with the national economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand as well as the international economy. Describes the organizational structures and relations within the commercial sex sector and illustrates how increasingly complex and significant the sector has become in these countries. In addition to the national case studies, which include the results of surveys of sex workers, comprises chapters on child prostitution and legislation and policies targeting the commercial sex industry. Examines also some historical and social factors behind the development of the sex sector.

July 1998

  1. Publication

    Management development. A guide for the profession

    30 July 1998

    Provides practical information relating to the need to update management training and development approaches, methodes and techniques in the light of global economic trends and new management practices.

  2. Publication

    Lessons from privatization. Labour issues in developing and transitional countries

    29 July 1998

    Based on over 20 case studies, assesses the labour market consequences of privatization in developing countries and transition economies during the first half of the 1990s. Considers the effect of privatization on productivity and on the level and structure of employment. Also examines labour relations in privatized firms and subsequent changes in wages, remuneration systems and non-wage benefits.

  3. Publication

    Safety in the use of chemicals at work. An ILO code of practice.

    22 July 1998

  4. Publication

    Social Security Manual Vol. II- Administration of social security

    07 July 1998

    Examines some components of social security administration. Draws attention to the challenges and difficulties faced by social security institutions in countries where social security systems are not yet operational, are undergoing changes, or need to be improved.

June 1998

  1. Publication

    Child labour. Targeting the intolerable. Report 86 VI (1)

    25 June 1998

    International Labour Conference, 86th Session, 1998. Report VI, Part 1. Drawing on the experience of the ILO, including its International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, this report surveys international and national law and practice and points the way towards effective action through new international standards. Includes a list of ratifications by country of relevant ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour (as at 15 August 1996).

  2. Publication

    Social Security Manual Vol. III- Social security financing

    15 June 1998