Books and reports

June 1988

  1. Publication

    Canteens and food services in industry: A manual

    28 June 1988

January 1988

  1. Publication

    Maximum weights in load lifting and carrying (OSH 59)

    28 January 1988

  2. Publication

    Women workers in multinational enterprises in developing countries

    22 January 1988

    Information from 30 developing countries is analyzed to provide examples of women workers employed by multinational enterprises operating in the agricultural sector, agribusiness, manufacturing and service sectors. Examines women's age, marital status, skills, occupations, hours of work, wages, and job satisfaction. Comments on related labour legislation and on social implications for the standard of living and family life. Bibliography.

October 1987

  1. Publication

    Wood harvesting with hand tools. An illustrated training manual

    28 October 1987

June 1987

  1. Publication

    Small-scale manufacture of stabilised soil blocks (TM 12)

    16 June 1987

    Technical Memorandum No. 12

  2. Publication

    Economic evaluations of unpaid household work: Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania (WWD 14)

    09 June 1987

    Discusses input-based and output-based methodological approaches to economic evaluation of unpaid work. Critically reviews 40 such evaluations.

May 1987

  1. Publication

    Alcohol and drugs. Programmes of assistance for workers (Conditions of work digest 1/87)

    20 May 1987

    Reviews policies and guidelines developed by governments, employers organisations and trade unions, and describes current employee assistance programmes in 15 countries. Lists institutions which can provide information and assistance in setting up such programmes, and includes guidelines for their establishment.

July 1986

  1. Publication

    Solar drying: Practical methods of food preservation

    23 July 1986

    Manual on intermediate technology food preservation techniques like solar drying in rural areas of developing countries - based on ILO sponsored development projects in Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen; discusses solar dryer equipment, food processing techniques, the choice between sun and solar drying, and packaging of fish, vegetables, fruit and grain.

May 1986

  1. Publication

    Accident prevention. A workers’ education manual

    21 May 1986

    Workers education teaching aid, safety training textbook on occupational safety and occupational accident prevention in the manufacturing industries - covers accident investigations, data collecting and interpretation; considers fire and explosion hazards, guarding of machine tools, protective clothing and equipment; outlines the role of ILO, (esp. PIACT, the ILO classification of accidents, ILO Conventions and ILO Recommendations), function of trade unions and safety committees, etc.

December 1985

  1. Publication

    Small-scale processing of beef (TM 10)

    11 December 1985

    Technical Memorandum No. 10