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Sudan’s Transitional Government’s Post-Revolutionary Challenges Ahead

In 2019, a large popular uprising led by Sudanese women and youth toppled the incumbent regime demanding freedom, peace and justice. The transitional government, which took office in September 2019, is committed to address the root causes of the protracted economic crisis and conflict to stabilize the economy and create fiscal space for sorely needed investments in infrastructure, education, health and economic development for all.

However, due to decades of economic sanctions and violent conflict, the humanitarian and economic situation is complex. Around 9 million Sudanese households receive assistance, 2.5 million people are internally displaced, and 1.1 million are refugees. All these people are in dire need for assistance.

In response to this, the ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF, the IFC and the WB, spearheaded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, came together leveraging their respective expertise under the PROSPECTS partnership. The partnership works towards delivering change within the refugee, internally displaced, returnees, and host community populations in East Darfur and West Kordofan across three pillars:
    Pillar 1: Quality Education and Training

    Pillar 2: Employment and Livelihoods

    Pillar 2: Protection and Inclusion

The Partnership is focusing its technical assistance on improving the quality of life for forcibly displaced and host communities from al Nimir camp and the nearby settlement of Assalaya in East Darfur, and El Meiram and Kharasana Settlements in West Kordofan. Together with our UN sister agencies, we are working to improve the quality and availability of locally relevant livelihoods skills training, strengthening the links between small plot farmers and agro-commodity buyer networks, restore access to critical water resources and grow markets.

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