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Kenya: the fifth largest asylum country in Africa 

Kenya hosts about 540,433 refugees and asylum seekers, as at the end of November 2021, with a majority (84 per cent) living in Dadaab (Garissa County) and Kakuma refugee camp and the Kalobeyei Settlement Area (Turkana County). The two host counties are largely arid and the inhabitants, majority of who are pastoralists, are regularly affected by recurrent droughts. Partnership to Improve Prospects for Forcibly Displaced Persons and Host Communities (PROSPECTS) in Kenya is seeks to build resilience through protection, learning and earning initiatives anchored on sustainable socio-economic transformation and job creation.
Improving prospects

The PROSPECTS partnership in Kenya aims to enhance the enabling environment for socio-economic inclusion of forcibly displaced persons and host communities, enhance access to education, training and protection for host and displaced persons, and strengthen the resilience of host communities through inclusive socio-economic development. This will be achieved using the following pillars;
  • Education and Learning: Ensuring market driven skills development, recognition, and certification of skills in line with the Kenya National Qualification Framework
  • Employment with Dignity: Stimulating creation of decent work jobs through improved labour market governance supporting transition to formality, and increased access to financial, business development services and entrepreneurial support in the digital economy
  • Protection and Inclusion: Promoting international labour standards and strengthen the capacity of institutions to increase access to social protection and champion for the rights of forcibly displaced persons and host communities at work
Kenya’s digital economy continues to emerge as a key driver for the creation of decent jobs especially for the youth. PROSPECTS works towards a digital revolution across the pillars, to improve access to quality education and skills development, while stimulating labour demand and access to digital labour markets.