Bali Declaration Implementation Progress Report 2017-2018

At the Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting held in December 2016, delegates from Arab States and Asia-Pacific adopted the Bali Declaration which outlines the priorities for policies and actions at national level and by the ILO. It was agreed that the ILO would report on progress made in supporting constituents on the priority areas of the Bali Declaration every two years to the ILO Governing Body.

Meeting document | 21 October 2019
Some information on ILO action at the country and regional levels in support of the Bali Declaration were captured on an annual basis in a series of Bali Declaration Policy Briefs (see "further information" below).

This document consolidates the information from the Briefs and pulls from additional evidence from official reporting to serve as the requested mid-term implementation progress report on the Bali Declaration, highlighting action taken over the period January 2017 through December 2018.