ILO Event Mobile App: The 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting in your hand

The ILO Events Application allows you to receive updates on the Meeting programme, and access practical information, documents and APRM website links on your mobile device. It will also allow you to communicate with the other Meeting participants that have registered in the App. You can read or download the four step instructions below.

Step 1

Just search “ILO official meetings” in one of the stores (App Store for iOs devices or Google Play for Android) and download the application on your mobile device. For blackberry devices or standard PCs, please use the following HTML5 link .

Step 2

Once downloaded on your device, sign-up to the application by entering your email address, last name and first name.

Step 3

Fill in the rest of your profile to be easily identified by other Conference participants (First Name, Last Name, Title and Delegation in the Company field) and CLICK ON ✔.

Step 4

You can explore the App by using the navigation menu on the top left hand corner.