Occupational Wages and Hours of Work and Retail Food Prices, CD-ROM Single-user - 2007

Statistics from the ILO October Inquiry - Published annually

Providing nearly 20 years of detailed information on wages and hours of work for selected occupations (1983-2007) and retail prices of selected food items (1985-2007), this CD-ROM is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, reference tool. As with the yearly publication, it presents data on 159 occupations in 49 industry groups and the retail prices of 93 food items – offering an indispensable statistical resource for international comparisons of wages and prices. The ILO October Inquiry is a worldwide annual survey of wages and hours of work which was initiated in 1924 to give effect to a resolution of the First International Conference of Labour Statisticians (1923), and has been conducted regularly ever since. This CD-ROM covers over 20 years, rather than 2 years covered in the printed version. Audience: Labour statisticians, specialists in labour market policy, economists, governments, employers' and workers' organizations, researchers.