Vision Zero Fund High Level Forum - 2021 and Beyond: Collective Action for Safe and Healthy Supply Chains

The inaugural Vision Zero Fund High-Level Forum brought together 18.000+ representatives of governments, employers, workers organizations and other stakeholders to discuss, evaluate, and reach consensus on effective and innovative approaches to advancing toward the goal of achieving zero fatal work-related accidents and severe injuries and diseases in global supply chains.

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused the world’s attention on the importance of ensuring that effective occupational safety and health systems are in place to protect all workers and to avoid the disruption of global supply chains.

The High-Level Forum addressed current challenges and opportunities for progress, highlighting the Vision Zero Fund’s work across sectors and supply chains to date, with an emphasis on what we all can learn from our achievements, challenges, and future plans.

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Day 1
High-level plenary 1
: Occupational safety and health in global supply chains in times of COVID-19 and
Workshop 1: Vision Zero Fund - achievements, challenges, and future plans

Recordings of the first two sessions can be found here.
Day 2
Regional discussion 1: How can improved safety and health facilitate access to global supply chains? The VZF experience in Asia.
Presentation VZF Myanmar


VZF Myanmar

Regional discussion 2: Systematic approach to strengthen OSH institutions for sustained improvements in OSH practices: VZF experiences from the garment sector in Africa.

Presentation_Ana Catalina Ramirez (ILO)

Presentation Beatrice Chan (GEFP)

Presentation Botoudi Emi Henri (Conférence des Travailleurs de Madagascar)

Presentation Fikadu Gebru (Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs, Ethiopia)

Presentation Hanitra Razakaboana (Labor, Employment, Public Service and Social Laws Analamanga, Madagascar)
Regional discussion 3: Challenges and opportunities for improving workers’ OSH in the coffee global supply chain: The experience of Colombia, Honduras and Mexico.
Vision Zero Fund - Testimony
Pilar Cariño Presentation

Day 3
Workshop 2 – Improving occupational safety and health in global supply chains and
High-level plenary 2
- Collective action for safe and healthy supply chains: how can we collectively improve OSH in GSCs under the auspices of the VZF over the next 3-5 years?

Recordings of the last two sessions can be found here.