December 2018

  1. © Hoang Dinh Nam / AFP 2018

    Labour migration

    New ILO figures show 164 million people are migrant workers

    05 December 2018

    Some countries of origin are losing the most productive part of their workforce, the study says.

  2. © G20 Argentina 2018

    G20 Leaders' Summit

    Leaders’ Declaration stresses the need to put people first in preparing the future of work

    01 December 2018

    G20 Communiqué covers key issues, including the future of work, infrastructure for development, sustainable food supply and gender equality.

November 2018

  1. © ILO 2018

    100 years of ILO History - Series

    When morals become actions – the ILO’s Nobel Peace Prize

    29 November 2018

    As part of the series looking at 100 years of ILO history, we chart some key moments of the ILO’s story. One high point was the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, something that also marked a recognition of the social, economic and political changes resulting from two world wars.

  2. Media advisory

    ILO to launch new global estimates on international migrant workers

    28 November 2018

  3. Blog

    How a river crossing turned South-South questions into answers

    27 November 2018

    You take your life in your hands when you cross the Makona River. For women entrepreneurs in these three countries, such risks are their livelihood. It’s a tough trade.

  4. © Betsy Davis / UN Women 2018

    Global Wage Report 2018/19

    Global wage growth lowest since 2008, while women still earning 20 per cent less than men

    26 November 2018

    The latest ILO Global Wage report finds global wage growth has been weak while the gender pay gap, at about 20 per cent globally, remains unacceptably high.

  5. Forced and child labour

    Major progress on forced labour and child labour in Uzbekistan cotton fields

    22 November 2018

    International Labour Organization monitors say that forced labour during the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan has been significantly reduced. As in previous years child labour is no longer a concern.

  6. Global Commission on the Future of Work

    ILO Global Commission wraps up final meeting ahead of landmark report

    22 November 2018

    Commissioners finalize details of their independent report on the future of work, to be published in January 2019 - the start of the ILO’s Centenary.

  7. Joint Maritime Commission

    ILO body adopts new minimum monthly wage for seafarers

    21 November 2018

    The mechanism for setting the minimum monthly wage for able seafarers is the only one in the International Labour Organization (ILO) that sets the basic wage for any industry.

  8. Media advisory

    ILO to launch Global Wage Report 2018 looking at wage trends and the gender pay gap

    20 November 2018