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    Are young people overskilled or underskilled?

    13 October 2017

    This week, as we prepare ILO’s participation in the World Skills Competition 2017, taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 15-18 October, we are left to reflect on a major theme which is troubling governments, employers, workers and young people across the globe – the so called skills mismatch.

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    The World of Work at the heart of WTO’s Public Forum 2017

    13 October 2017

    The World Trade Organization’s Public Forum is the WTO’s annual gathering for policymakers, academics, civil society and anyone with an interest or a stake in global trade and trade policy. This year’s forum, held at WTO headquarters in Geneva 26-28 September, was all about jobs, reflected also in the World Trade Report launched there, entitled “Trade, Technology and Jobs”. The ILO played an active role, speaking at five panels, including two by Deputy Director General Deborah Greenfield.

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    5 ways governments can support agriculture insurance

    09 October 2017

    Agricultural insurance can play an important role in securing farmers’ livelihoods and boosting the efficiency of the agricultural sector, but access to agricultural insurance remains low.

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    How the ILO is helping to end forced labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry

    27 September 2017

    Nearly a quarter of the adult population in Uzbekistan take part in the country’s cotton harvest each year. Here's how the ILO is working to help end the use of forced labour during the harvest.

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    What does the future of work hold in store for the auto industry?

    29 August 2017

    The automotive industry is a sector of ​​prime importance for the ILO, not only because of its economic weight but also because of its history. Since the days of Henry Ford, the evolution of this industry in terms of work organization, modes of production and technology has often served as an inspiration for other economic sectors.

  6. Tackling youth employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Creating decent jobs for a rapidly expanding young African labour force

    18 August 2017

    Within the next 15 years, some 375 million young people will become of working age in Africa, equivalent to the current population of Canada and the United States combined. By 2050, nearly one in three young people will be living in sub-Saharan Africa, and most of them simply cannot afford not to work.

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    Youth employment

    How to get more young people into better jobs

    10 August 2017

    New ILO book focuses on the global challenge of youth unemployment and proposes policies to create more decent jobs for young women and men.

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    Gender equality

    What causes gender gaps in the labour market?

    01 August 2017

    Despite the considerable progress that has been made towards achieving gender equality in the world of work, certain factors seem to be preventing it from accelerating.

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    Research Paper

    Emerging economies hold key to future of work in the auto industry

    20 July 2017

    What are the main future of work challenges the automotive industry faces around the globe? ILO News spoke with Tommaso Pardi, author of a research paper commissioned by the ILO through the France-ILO cooperation agreement, looking at the transformation currently taking place in both developed and developing countries.

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    Occupational Safety and Health

    New ILO Project aims to reduce work accidents and occupational diseases in Ukrainian mines

    13 July 2017

    ILO News talked to Kenichi Hirose, Senior Social Protection Specialist, ILO-Budapest, and Iryna Peksheva, National Project Coordinator, Kyiv, about a new ILO project aimed at improving safety and health for Ukrainian miners. In June, they visited three mines to assess safety and identify areas for priority action.